Venecia Hebrew

Venecia Hebrew is a classically graceful modern Hebrew typeface, capable of supporting all the complexities of biblical Hebrew typography. Originally created for the Open Book Torah project, its forms were inspired by the Venetian Hebrew typefaces of 15th century, chiefly those employed by Daniel Bomberg. Winner of TDC Typeface Design competition.

Venecia Hebrew Regular
Venecia Hebrew Semi-cursive
(1) horizontal cantillation mark placement; (2) variable vertical cantillation mark placement, consistent letterspacing
Venecia Hebrew Regular (red outline) and Venecia Captions (black outline). Venecia Hebrew Captions is optically scaled and features much larger diacritical marks and more open counters.
biblical setting in Venecia Hebrew Regular (on the right) and Venecia Hebrew Captions (on the left)
a poem set in Venecia Hebrew Regular
inspiration: The Daniel Bomberg Bible, Aleppo Codex, Sephardic semi-cursive script
Venecia Hebrew Regular development
Venecia Hebrew Semi-cursive development